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July 20, 2010

Going for the green

Remodel evolves into eco-friendly project

It all started with shredded pants. Bruce Schena and Cathy Ricke didn't begin their home remodel intending to be the greenest house on the block. But as their plan progressed, they made decisions such as using recycled blue jeans for insulation. Before they knew it they found themselves looking into every possible environmentally friendly option for their house and getting a high rating from Build It Green, a nonprofit that rates structures on a range of environmentally friendly parameters. They even won awards from environmental organizations for making eco-friendliness a priority in all aspects of the remodel. The couple, with Ricke doing much of the research, started picking out sustainably made countertops, searching out the most efficient heating and lighting systems and looking for formaldehyde-free building materials. Schena even used equipment at his workplace to find the toughest brand of bamboo flooring on the market. READ MORE

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