Keith WIllig leads the studio with over 25 years of experience in residential landscape design and construction. He has thorough knowledge of design, horticulture, and high end construction. He is fueled by a lifelong passion for beautiful plants and design.

Keith’s design philosophy combines functionality, respect for the environment, and strong visual appeal. His focus is first on how elements of a landscape can be built to relate to each other and connect living spaces. He guides the team to maintain a clear vision of the bigger picture at every step of the project. Keith knows that a strong working relationship with his clients and high standards are key to achieving desired results.
He enjoys his personal time playing tennis and stretching his creativity crafting ceramics.

His qualifications include:

  • BS in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Licensed Landscape Architect and Landscape Contractor.
  • Active member of the Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the
  • California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA).


Hola Menlo Park!

Pamela seeks to articulate clients’ needs in a functional space using the desired aesthetic to invite and captivate visitors. Her inspiration comes from studying and drawing in various fields such as architecture which she incorporates into her professional work. Her motivation is to create the amalgamation of natural elements with cultural and social landscapes to create best-in-class landscape architecture.

Pamela worked as a Landscape Designer in Mexico City for two and a half years before moving to California and joining KWLA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architect from National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and experimenting with different food recipes, going on hikes, and bringing out her artistic side by sketching, drawing, playing the piano and listening to music.


Xinzhuo believes landscape design is the medium for creating positive interactions between humans and nature.  In her work, she focuses on the idea that people will care more about the environment when they see themselves living in and enjoying the landscape. She likes working on residential projects helping clients to harmonize their lives with an outdoor space.

Xinzhuo earned her Bachelors of Environmental Design at the University of Minnesota  – Twin Cities. Here she learned about the design concepts seen in the natural environment, as well as the history of landscape design, two concepts that helped shape her approach to modern landscape design. After that, she pursued a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington.

She is interested in learning more about how communities and cityscapes have been shaped through different phases of public participation. She truly believes that design is the only way to solve any spatial problem. She thinks seeking ground-breaking solutions is the spirit and fun part of the process.

Outside of work, she enjoys dancing, aerial fitness, picking up a new instrument, or comic doodling with her cat.  Lying around is always a joy on weekends. She also likes wandering on different streets of San Francisco and browsing all the facades of old buildings.  


Wen enjoys working on residential landscape design from a deep interest in shaping human-scale spaces. She believes it is the power of design that turns any bare land into real space and secret niches give you many imaginations about life; And it is nature, the topography, the view… that make each property unique. Her designs are always tailored to the different desires of each client, with respect to the context of the property. She views landscape design as creating timeless context versus object, to make humans connect with nature, indoor connect with outdoor.

Before joining Keith Willig Landscape Architecture, Wen worked in residential landscape design in the mid-peninsula area for 3 years, especially on properties with a slope. She gained her Masters of Landscape Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin. Before transitioning to residential design, she worked on commercial mixed-use and boutique hotel projects with top developers in China for many years.

She likes to travel, with a special interest in exploring all the exciting human-made places in a city, and would like to continue her tours with her son.


Terrie Desler has a dual role at KWLA: Office Manager and Bookkeeper. Working in a creative landscape architecture office feeds her appreciation for design following her well-established career in the cosmetology field. Terrie ensures that the KWLA design team has the tools they need to support their vision.

Terrie brings her organizational and bookkeeping skills from years of managing the offices of private imports, retail and other small businesses. She has enjoyed her time with KWLA since 2011 and embraces the challenges of her career.

Terrie is a long-time resident of the Bay Area and raised her children in Redwood City. She enjoys fitness, cooking, gardening, music, and most of all, her family and friend circles.

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